bilbijaEkbergJichaKielsvitlicathwTHW Kiel THW Kiel did not have much trouble winning away at GWD Minden, and with this victory they’re once again just point back from leaders RN Lowen. After dominant first half won with 18:13, it only took routine for THW Kiel in the second half to keep the victory in their hands. With a 36:32 win the “Zebras” now put pressure again on RN Loewen in the Bundesliga.Filip Jicha scored huge 12 goals, while Niclas Ekberg contributed with 10. Aleksandar Svitlica carried GWD Minden with 9 goals, while Nenad Bilbija had 8. ← Previous Story Rhein-Neckar Löwen will miss Kim Ekdahl du Rietz for a few weeks Next Story → EHF Cup: KIF Kolding win “EHF Cup derby” against Rhein-Neckar Loewen

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